Minister opens HSE and Partners Tobacco Free Ireland Conference

on World No Tobacco Day

 Every week smoking causes 100 deaths and over 1,000 hospital admissions in Ireland


Working towards Tobacco Free Ireland 2025 goal of less than 5% smoking prevalence



The spotlight is firmly on World No Tobacco Day (31st May), with Tobacco Free Ireland partners holding a conference to support communities to mobilise and take action to drive towards achieving the Tobacco Free Ireland 2025 goal of less than 5% smoking prevalence in Ireland.


With more quitters than smokers in Ireland, much progress has been made in reducing smoking prevalence in Ireland but we face new challenges as smoking prevalence has not reduced equally across the population.  Making Ireland tobacco-free requires game-changing approaches and determination.


Research published today shows that those most vulnerable in our communities are most at risk of death and long term smoking related illnesses.  Within that cohort our men are those we need to work tirelessly with to encourage them to take the single best decision they can for their health and QUIT.


The research found that:


  • One in 4 men and one in 5 women still smoke
  • Smoking is now most common among young adults
  • Children and young people who smoke experience poorer physical and mental health
  • Poorer and marginalised groups risk being left behind as we move to a Tobacco Free Ireland
  • “Social” smoking and “Roll-Your-Own” are emerging challenges for tobacco control
  • Over 1,000 people per day supported by the HSE to quit – those who reach out for support more likely to quit for good



The research reports can be accessed here


Every week HSE supports over 5,000 people with online, telephone and face to face smoking cessation support services that are free. These can be accessed through and are proven to be twice as effective as quitting cold turkey. Those with a medical card can access free nicotine replacement therapies and or cessation medications on prescription from their GP


We all have a role to play in making Ireland tobacco free and you can show your commitment by signing the Tobacco Free Ireland Personal Charter.


The conference is hosted by the HSE in partnership with the Athlone Institute of Technology, the Alpha One Foundation, Irish Cancer Society, the Irish Dental Association, the Institute of Public Health, the Irish Heart Foundation, the Irish Thoracic Society, the National Cancer Control Programme, the National Women’s Council of Ireland, PSI, RCPI and Spunout.