Thank you – more and more of us are protecting ourselves and our patients from flu as HSE staff flu vaccine uptake rates at highest ever levels


More of us got the flu vaccine during last year’s flu season than any other time since the vaccine became available, leading to better protection for ourselves and our patients.


Flu vaccine uptake rates amongst healthcare workers during the last flu season reached the highest levels ever recorded –  44.8% in hospitals and 33.1% in long term care facilities.  This compares with 34% and 27.1% the for the previous flu season.


The increase is very welcome and we’d like to sincerely thank everyone who helped to make this happen. People who organised campaigns,  training, clinics, the peer vaccinator teams, and everyone who has posted their photos on social media, spreading the word to friends and colleagues that the flu vaccine is #yourbestshot.


We want to make sure that this positive development continues and that every healthcare worker considers getting vaccinated this year.


The flu vaccine is your best shot for preventing flu.  Basically, if you can’t get the flu, you can’t spread the flu so it is important that all those working in frontline healthcare protect themselves from getting the flu to prevent spreading the flu to vulnerable patients.


Healthcare workers, including doctors, nurses, therapists and carers need to get the seasonal flu vaccine every year. Older and at risk patients may not get sufficient protection from the vaccine themselves so people who care for them need to be vaccinated.


The flu vaccine is available for free to healthcare workers through local Occupational Health department.


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