This document details the range of activities which have been undertaken within the Ballyfermot LDATF region in 2016 as part of the SWAT (Supporting Women to Access Treatment) project. The project has been supported through the Treatment and Rehabilitation Subgroup of the Ballyfermot LDATF and coordinated through the Treatment and Rehabilitation Coordinator. The aim of this project was to highlight the importance of primary care for all women, to support screening and brief intervention within primary care, and to strengthen referral between primary care settings and community based drug and alcohol treatment services. This project incorporates a literature review, women in treatment data collection and a number of meetings with stakeholders including primary care nursing staff, HSE Addiction Services, D10 drug and alcohol treatment services as well as women in the community. The project has raised the importance of looking at women as a distinct group in terms of drug and alcohol treatment services and the importance of a cross-sectoral approach as well as community engagement to progress the overall health of women in the community

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Please also find attached the Alcohol Leaflet which  is a localised (Ballyfermot) public health information leaflet which takes from existing HSE literature and provides details of the range of services available in Ballyfermot.  The leaflet is self-sufficient, so people can read it at their leisure and are provided with a range of options for more information and/or support.  The HSE National Alcohol Programme have recently launched their new website, this website also provides a lot of useful information and also provide a range of leaflets for distribution.

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