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Revised Policy

Patients who are harmed as a result of their health care must be dealt with in an open, honest, empathic and timely manner. They must also receive a sincere and meaningful apology.


The new policy ensures that we:

  • respect the rights of our patients and staff affected by patient safety incidents,
  • provide appropriate care and support to our patients and staff affected by these incidents.
  • communicate with them in an open, honest compassionate and empathic way, and
  • treat them with dignity and respect at all times.


Professional requirement

Open disclosure is a core professional requirement anchored in professional ethics.


We must communicate effectively with our patients in a compassionate, empathic and thoughtful manner at all times especially following patient safety incidents.


This is a crucial part of the therapeutic relationship with patients.  If done well it can mitigate anxiety and enhance the patient’s trust in us and our health care system


Watch here: patient advocate Bernie O’Reilly speaks about the revised policy.

Watch here: Colm Henry, Chief Clinical Officer with the HSE speaks about the revised policy.


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