When a person collapses due to an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, it is essential that the community can recognise what is happening and can act quickly by calling 112/999, and following the instructions given, to begin CPR as soon as possible.  Every minute without CPR will reduce the out-of-hospital cardiac arrest survival by 7 – 10%.

The HSE are participating in European Restart a Heart Day on Wed 18th October, 2017.

CPR familiarisation sessions will be held in 13 HSE venues nationwide, where staff can ‘have a go’ at performing dispatch assisted CPR.   If you are already CPR trained, come along and test your skills.

Book your place at one of these sessions by visiting www.hse.ie/restartaheart.

The familiarisation session will only take 20 minutes of your time, but could save a person’s life!