Message from ICHN President Anne Lynott

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the final edition of the Institute of Community Health Nursing Newsletter Ezine for 2017. Within this issue, there are references to key projects which the Institute participated in during 2017.

The Institutes annual general conference was held in May 2017 in Dublin. The theme was Community Nursing: Towards an Integrated Model of Care. Papers were presented by national and international speakers who emphasised the need for nurses to provide quality evidence-based care. Participant involvement contributed to the interactive discussions relevant to everyday community nursing. The feedback reviewed was positive and will influence next year’s conference, incorporating the recommendations of delegates. The conference was a great success due to the commitment of the ICHN Council and the administrator who co-ordinated the programme.

The Institutes AGM in September 2017 was held in the Ashling Hotel Dublin. Papers were presented on a wide range of topics including:

  • SWAT Project Ballyfermot (Supporting Women to Access Treatment), Ms Clara Geaney, Ballyfermot LDATF Coordinator and Treatment and Rehabilitation Coordinator.
  • Our eHealth Strategy From Here to There, The Community Health Nursing Perspective, Mr Alan Price, IT Delivery Director, Social Care, Mental Health and Health and Wellbeing.
  • Literacy: Lifelong and Life Wide, Ms Helen Ryan, NALA
  • The Lived Experiences of Parents Who Have a Child with Nocturnal Enuresis, Ms Anne Marie Kelly, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Continence Promotion Unit, Dr Stevens

Presentations delivered can be found on the ICHN website

Research Awards Initiative

The ICHN Council would like to congratulate and thank the winners of the research awards Ms Jacqueline Austin and Ms Margaret Birtley.

The development of a firm research basis for work in public health and community nursing is crucial to advances in our discipline and to our recognition as leaders in care in the community. It is so encouraging to see the steady expansion of research in our field and the improvements that this brings both to our clinical practice and to the organisation of services for the benefit of the large numbers of people who are helped. I look forward to hearing about your progress. Both Margaret and Jacqueline will be publishing their research as per ICHN Research Awards Strategy and this will be disseminated at the ICHN conference in May 2018.

Research and Ethics Committee

The ICHN works in collaboration with all its partners to ensure that we identify the professional needs of our members and respond accordingly so that we support community nursing services in Ireland. A central focus of the ICHN is to support the creation of an evidence base, relevant to nurses working in the community. Following consideration of a number of options, the ICHN Council identified a need for an ICHN Research Ethics Committee (REC) to ensure appropriate ethical oversight of research projects taking place through the ICHN. The REC is now established and information can be found on the ICHN website. The  Council welcomes researchers to submit their research projects for ethical approval.

48th World Congress on Advanced Nursing Research 2018

The 48th World Congress on Advanced Nursing Research is scheduled to take place during June 14th -15th 2018 in  Dublin.

The ICHN has received an invitation to participate as the organisers are aware of the ICHN’s valuable contribution and remarkable efforts in the arena of advanced nursing research.

The theme of this conference is ‘To Promote Excellence in Nursing Research’. Leading nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialist, advanced research nurses, certified midwives, scholars, decision makers and other professionals will be gathering in Dublin, Ireland, to speak at Advanced Nursing Research 2018.


Nurture Project: Standardisation of Parent and Professional Health Records Team

The ICHN, Research Matters, RCSI was awarded the tender for the Standardisation of Parent and Professional Health Records Team The Nurture Programme required a scoping exercise on the current child health records used by PHNs and CHDs in Ireland to assist in meeting the objective of creating a standardised health record for professionals working with children. Work commenced on this project in October 2017 and a scoping review of  national and international literature was conducted to inform the overall project and had a particular focus on identifying relevant areas for consideration in the analytic framework. All child health records in operation were requested from Directors of Public Health Nursing and Principal Medical Officers for each CHO area. Arising from the analysis framework, key issues will be considered in respect of variables to be included in a common standardised child health record for use by PHNs and CHDs. These issues will draw on best practices in record keeping across a number of key areas including children’s health regulatory requirements for PHNs and CHDs. Much of the work is now completed and I am chairing a reference group this month to directly engage with members of the public health nursing community and community health doctors to test feasibility, relevance and acceptance of the proposed approach. The research team will work closely with the nurture team to agree the most relevant imperatives to be considered. I will provide a further update in the Spring eZine 2018.

Welcome to ICHN Council

I would like to welcome Ms Margaret Costello DPHN, Clare, Ms Sinead Grogan, RGN and Ms Dolores Gallagher, ADPHN, Donegal, to the ICHN Executive Council.

The above have considerable experience in the field of public health nursing and I and council members are looking forward to working together  over the coming years.


I would also like to say thank you to Ms Ainna Fawcett Henesy, Ms Bernadette O Riordan, Ms Teresa Cronin and Ms Ann Donohoe for their work with the ICHN. I would like to thank them for their contribution and wish them well in the future.

I hope you enjoy the content of the ICHN Winter Ezine, it is a snapshot of activities and items of interest relevant to community nursing. On behalf of the ICHN council, we would like to thank you for your continued support and contribution to providing a safe and quality service in our communities.

I wish you and your families a very happy Christmas.

Hon President ICHN

Anne Lynott