Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to our spring newsletter.

The National Service Plan 2018 published in December 2017 details the delivery of health services that the HSE will provide directly, and through a range of funded agencies, in 2018. The 2018 budget of €14.5 billion represents an overall increase of €608 million (4.4%) compared to the 2017 allocated budget allocation. The additional investment has allowed the HSE to make a number of significant investments in new services in 2018 including and these include:

  • An investment of €9m to support the expansion of paediatric/adolescent orthopaedic services including scoliosis
  • An investment of €25m in primary care to support the GP contract, GP training, diagnostics, therapies, nursing, Advanced Nurse Practitioner appointments and community nursing
  • An investment of €15m in mental health to support a range of key service developments
  • An investment of €10m for respite care, providing support in 2018 to 400 individuals with a disability and their families.
  • An additional investment of €32m in additional home support, transitional care and bed capacity in rehabilitation settings. Home support and transitional care will be increased over the full year. This will allow for:
  • €18.25m for home support services to provide 754,000 hours to support 1,170 people to leave hospitals
  • €1.4m for rehabilitation and step down beds in Limerick (four beds) and Cork (30 beds).
  • €0.85m for complex case discharges from acute hospitals
  • €0.65m for an additional six beds in the National Rehabilitation Hospital
  • The Nursing Homes Support Scheme (NHSS) is anticipating they will support 23,334 people in residential care at year end with a budget of almost €962m.

Within Primary Care an additional investment of €25m will allow for the expansion of Community Intervention Team support and OPAT support (IV care in patients’ homes). This will mean an additional 4,682 referrals. For children being discharged from hospital, the HSE will provide an additional 60 home care packages representing an investment of €2.1m. There will also be improved access to Occupational Therapy Services, an expansion of the GP out of hour’s service and the commissioning of 15 additional primary care centres, with an investment of €10m.

On the 23rd May 2018, the ICHN will host its annual conference in the Limerick Strand Hotel. The theme this year is “New Horizons –Enhancing Clinical Practice in Community Nursing”


The aim of the conference is to provide a day of education, knowledge sharing, networking and an opportunity to take time to reflect on practice and innovations.
Delegates are invited to submit exemplars of quality community and public health nursing care and innovation from their areas, for our poster competition. This is an opportunity to showcase community nursing achievements to colleagues and other stakeholders. It promotes shared learning, positive impacts on patient outcomes, communicates your organisations work and builds the profile of community nursing.

The 2018 annual community nurse awards will also be presented at the annual conference. This is an opportunity to nominate a colleague who has made a professional commitment to nursing in the community and for their work in the promotion and development of best practice and services, for identified health needs of varying population groups.

A life time achievement award will also be presented to an individual who has made a professional contribution to Public Health Nursing.

Details of the annual conference/registration, posters abstract submission and nurse awards nominations are available on the ICHN website:


The ICHN Research Ethics Committee is now well established and ICHN members can forward their research applications to the ICHN REC for ethical approval.


The Standard Operating Procedures for the ICHN Research Ethics Committee and Information for applicants applying to the Institute of Community can be accessed on the ICHN website.


Senator Keith Swanick Seanad Eireann is establishing a new Task Force on Loneliness.

Senator Swanick has been on national radio discussing this subject and he is currently putting together a working group to work on this project. The ICHN will be participating in this project and I will provide you with an update in the Summer eZine.


The ICHN Child and Family Health Interest Group have undertaken a project in the area of developing core child care plans. Currently the practice in implementing PHN care plans is variable nationally. The ICHN invited quotes through a procurement process from suitably qualified parties to submit a quotation for the implementation and Evaluation of Child and Family Health Core Care Plans developed for Public Health Nursing practice.

The overall aim of the project is to implement and evaluate a suite of core child and family health care plans developed for the PHN practice to safely support a safe, effective and quality child health core screening and surveillance service.


I will update you regarding this project in our next eZine.


Finally I would like to thank you for your support and I will look forward to seeing you at the

Annual conference in May and during 2018.


Yours sincerely,

Anne Lynott

Hon. President ICHN