Patient Safety Stories


The Office of Quality Risk and Safety, Quality Assurance and Verification Division are delighted to announce the launch of the Patient Safety Stories.

This initiative supports the further development of a person centered approach to incident management as identified in the HSE’s Incident Management Framework 2018.


The four stories currently available describe how individual patients and staff felt in the aftermath of a patient safety incident.

Whilst an individual story is not in itself representative of all experiences, taken collectively stories can help us build a picture of the impact of incidents on people affected.


The videos are available online at  They can be used in training and education sessions or used at staff meetings to initiate discussion on how staff can improve our understanding of and response to persons affected by incidents occurring in services.


The Office of Quality Risk and Safety would like to expand the repository of stories available to include stories from a variety of care settings and incident types. If you are a staff member that feels you have a story that you would be willing to share either from a staff or patient perspective, we would love to hear from you.

You can be assured that if you volunteer your story that its inclusion in the repository can be facilitated in a confidential and anonymous manner.

If you are interested please contact Loretta Jenkins on with your contact details and she will contact you to discuss this further.