The School of Nursing and Human Sciences in Dublin City University has a well-established track record in the provision of innovative educational and research programmes. Fundamental to the School is the requirement for engagement with communities and wider civic society. For example current global health research includes the Community Systems Strengthening for Equitable Maternal Newborn and Child Health COSYST-MNCH programme ( External engagement in particular around health and well-being provides the school with a living platform for the generation, integration and translation of research and knowledge. The school comprises of a dynamic and multidisciplinary academic team, whose main teaching activities focus on undergraduate and post graduate training in Nursing, Psychology and Psychotherapy, and in multidisciplinary educational programmes such as Health and Society. As a practice focussed school, our facilities include a Healthy Living Centre; a purpose built Clinical Education Centre, and a Psychology and Behavioural Neuroscience Unit which includes a suite of dedicated research and teaching laboratories. New postgraduate programmes commencing in September 2015 includes an interdisciplinary programme on Chronic Disease Management designed for graduates to meet the future educational and training needs of citizens as defined in accordance with national policy agendas such as eHealth Ireland.

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The School of Nursing and Midwifery, NUIG’s vision is to provide educational programmes that prepare safe, skilled, competent and confident practitioners; and conduct research that improves care, quality of life or health and well-being. Please visit the School’s website for further information on our research Postgraduate students benefit from Blended Learning programmes which includes a combination of online and face-to-face learning. Students are supported during their study and learn from academics with a wealth of teaching and clinical expertise. Our postgraduate programmes equip students with the knowledge and skills to further their personal and professional goals, providing opportunities for role expansion and improving healthcare in their area of practice. There is a range of Specialist Masters/Postgraduate Diplomas, Professional Credit Awards or Postgraduate Research programmes to choose from. For further information of our programmes please visit the School’s website

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 Voluntary Groups


Immunisation 4 Life

i4life is a child health specialist charity. It was established in 2010. It’s main focus is on education, immunisation and malnutrition in the under 5’s in low resource countries. The charity consists of Public Health Nurses, Doctors and other Health Professionals. In 2011, i4Life established a Partnership with Neri Clinics which is an Irish Charity who developed a Primary Health Care Unit in a shanty town in Lusaka, Zambia. At present, i4Life has 40 volunteers; Doctors, experienced PHNs, who have volunteered to work  in Linda Shanty Town and have established an under 5’s Nutrition Clinic in partnership with the  Neri Clinics. i4life believes in capacity building to maximise the benefits to the poor in the Linda Shanty Town in a more sustainable and far reaching way. This is achieved by education of Mothers, Individuals, Community Health Workers, Zambian Health Professionals, in the matter of Nutrition, Immunisation, HIV and any intervention with regard to the under 5 population.
i4Lifes principles of Capacity Building include key principles of Empowerment, Child Centred Intervention and  Care , Development of i4Life Organisation. i4Life has a highly specialised team. Who are flexible, experienced & willing to form partnerships with other charities. We can mobilize teams as required & all our volunteers are fully vaccinated, Garda vetted, trained in Child Protection

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Age & Opportunity is the national organisation that works to inspire and to create opportunities so that we can live healthy and fulfilling lives as we age.
We do this by working with other national and local bodies to provide access to a wide range of activities, events and training opportunities in:

• arts and culture
• sport and physical activity, and
• education and active citizenship.

Age & Opportunity aims to contribute to changes in attitudes and practices in relation to ageing and older people in Ireland such that as people age they can develop their full potential on three levels – the personal, the societal and the civic – to the extent that each individual chooses. This is informed by international public policy initiatives as well as research showing that participating in society is good for individual health and well-being, and good for communities through the building of social capital. Fundamentally it is also informed by the conviction that full citizenship is the right of everyone no matter what their age or background.

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Third Age is a national voluntary organisation celebrating the third age in life when people may no longer be in paid employment, but can remain healthy, fulfilled and continue to contribute to society. .

Third Age, through a variety of local and national programmes, demonstrates the value of older people remaining engaged and contributing in their own  community for as long as possible.





Friends of Londiani

Friends of Londiani, Ireland is a registered charity that was established in 2002.They work in partnership with the people of the Kenyan community of Londiani, and its surrounding villages, to develop and complete sustainable community projects to enable the people to achieve an improved quality of life based on their values and become the authors of their own development.
They focus on establishing, improving and progressing issues regarding health, education, water, economic empowerment and developing education.

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Irish Cancer Society Services for people concerned about or affected by cancer

Our Vision:   A future without cancer

Our Mission:  To eliminate cancer

What we do

The work of the Irish Cancer Society is directed by four strategic goals:

Goal One: Reduce the risk of cancer

Goal Two: Improve the lives of those affected by cancer

Goal Three: Lead excellent collaborative research

Goal Four: Inform and influence public policy

Our Cancer Support Department provides a range of cancer support services for people with cancer at home and in hospital including:

  • Our Cancer Nurseline Freephone 1800 200 700. Call our Cancer Nurseline and speak to one of our cancer nurses for confidential advice, support and information.
  • Our Daffodil Centres. Visit our Daffodil Centres, located in thirteen hospitals nationwide.
  • Our Survivor Support. Speak to someone who has been through a cancer diagnosis.
  • Support in your area. We work with cancer support groups and centres across the country.
  • Patient travel and financial support. We provide practical and financial support for patients in need, undergoing cancer treatments.
  • Night Nursing. We provide end-of-life care for cancer patients in their own home.
  • Our publications and website information. Visit our website or call the Cancer Nurseline for a free copy of our publications.

Our Cancer Prevention Department works to ensure that more people become aware of how they can reduce their risk of cancer through:

  • Cancer prevention information. Our leaflets, booklets, and online information inform people of how they can reduce their risk of cancer by making healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Prevention in the community. Our cancer prevention team provides a range of community-based programmes aimed at increasing awareness of how risk can be reduced.
  • National awareness campaigns. Our public awareness campaigns focus on early detection, signs and symptoms and how lifestyle influences cancer risk.

To find out more about our services:

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