Irish Government’s record on women’s rights under the UN microscope

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This morning NWCI released our Shadow Report in advance of the examination of Ireland’s combined sixth and seventh periodic reports under the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW).

It has been ten years since Ireland has been examined under CEDAW, often called an ‘International Bill of Rights’ for women.

Ireland’s review under CEDAW is an important opportunity for the State and civil society to take stock of how Ireland is protecting the rights of women domestically. In our Report, NWCI recognises and acknowledges that significant positive advancements have occurred for women’s equality, but there remain persistent structural inequalities for women in Ireland.

Challenges to the protection and promotion of women’s rights, in particular the impacts of the economic crisis and austerity measures adopted, must be scrutinised. While such challenges may have arisen relatively recently, many issues of concern have been repeatedly raised by UN Treaty Bodies, Special Procedures and through Ireland’s first and second UPR examinations. This includes the stereotypical views of women perpetuated through Ireland’s Constitution, the violation of the rights of women and girls due to Ireland’s highly-restrictive abortion laws and the continued failure by the State to adequately address the historical abuses suffered by women in the care of the State.

The Shadow Report is divided into nine separate sections as follows:

  1. Constitutional, legislative and institutional framework
  2. National machinery for the advancement of women
  3. Access to justice
  4. Violence against women
  5. Trafficking and sexual exploitation of women
  6. Participation in political and public life
  7. Education
  8. Employment and economic independence
  9. Health

Ireland will be examined by the CEDAW Committee on 15th February in Geneva and NWCI will present an Oral Submission to the Committee on 13th February.

Thank you to everyone, both members and non-members, who contributed to the report to make it as strong as it is! The full report can be viewed here, and please see for more details!



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