Please see below for information regarding the latest call for proposals for small grants of up to €2000 for projects addressing the SDGs. Deadline for submissions is 15th February 2019.




‘Make Ireland Sustainable For All’ is pleased to announce its 2019 Call for Proposals for small grants to support local projects & initiatives addressing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Ireland.

Grants are available up to a maximum of €2000 for:

  • Local grass-root organizations/entities
  • Local members of national CSOs operating at the local level
  • Local citizens groups, including student groups, clubs, civic initiative groups.

The objective of this call is to raise awareness of the SDGs at local level and to engage local groups to mobilise actors and authorities in commitments and practical actions for the implementation of the SDGs.

In addition, applicants are encouraged to address one or more of the following themes in their proposal. These themes are:

i) fighting inequalities,
ii) sustainable food production
iii) sustainable production and consumption.

Projects which also address the cross-cutting themes of gender, migration and climate change are welcomed.

The deadline for submission of applications is the 15th of February 2019.  Please note, the implementation period for activities runs until the 31st March 2020.

How to apply:

Submissions consist of i) an online Application Form and ii) a Budget breakdown (below). 

**Please read the Call for Proposals before submitting your application.**

(You can read through the full application form first here)

* please make sure you complete the Budget and save it as a PDF. It needs to be attached to the online application form in PDF format.

** When saving the budget, please name it as follows: Lot 1, Ireland, [organisation].


Make Ireland Sustainable for All is part of the EU–funded project ‘Make Europe Sustainable For All’, a three-year project aiming to raise awareness and encourage action to be taken on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The project is being undertaken by 25 project partners across 15 EU Member States.

The project is being implemented in Ireland by World Vision Ireland and the Irish Environmental Network, with support from ECO-UNESCO and Social Justice Ireland.

 This call for proposals has been received financial assistance from the European Union.  The contents of this call and attached documents are the sole responsibility of the MESFA project partners and can under no circumstances be taken as reflecting the position of the European Union. part7





To apply for a small grant for projects addressing SDG’s please see attachment with all the details. Closing date is 15th of February so don’t forget to apply!