As part of our continuing effort to promote the 2nd level school programme vaccines programme and alert parents of the vaccines as early as possible information is going to primary schools in the coming weeks. This information is for parents of students in 6th Class. The information is going to be delivered to primary schools and special schools with age equivalent children.


The attached is a copy of the information that will be delivered.


Each school will receive leaflets for each student and the attached letters. The Department of Education has provided us with figures so you should not receive requests from schools for additional leaflets.


Please note the letters to the principals have also been sent to the Department of Education and principals will be made aware of these letters through their online portal.


thumbnail of 03095-HSE-6th-class-immunisation-Leaflet-Web-Proof#06 thumbnail of letter to principals re 6th class leaflet 030417 thumbnail of letter to principals re 6th class leaflet 030417_GAE