Many of the patients we care for every day have been, or will be, affected by antibiotic resistance (AMR) and /or healthcare associated infection (HCAI).  There is a good chance that you have already seen in your own work that the growing threat of AMR and HCAI are big challenges for our health care service just as they are for all health services across the world.  The control of AMR and HCAI makes very big demands on you and your colleagues in your daily work. It is important to recognise that all the hand hygiene, cleaning and antimicrobial stewardship we do is helping to protect many patients but the challenge is growing and we need to do even better.  A new HCAI/AMR team was established in the HSE in 2017 to work with all hospital groups and community health organisations to assist them to improve further on antimicrobial stewardship programmes and infection control procedures. Your support is key to making a success of this.

We have developed a new web based resource to help staff working in all patient and clients areas of the HSE:

The new webpages focuses on:

  • guidelines and information for hospitals, community services, GPs and public health nurses
  • new hand hygiene training programme for community staff
  • information for patients including details of superbugs such as CPE
  • links to relevant international sites
  • videos and presentations

Please feel free to circulate the link to any patient or staff  who may be interested in learning about preventing hospital associated infections or who want more information on staying well.

As with all websites this is only a starting point and there will be lots of revision and updates as we go. If you have any comments or suggestions on the various pages, copy the link, make the notes underneath and send an email to