New Chemical Safety eLearning Programme now available at HSElanD

 “Managing Health and Safety in Healthcare: Chemical Agent Hazards”

We are delighted to launch this introductory course which provides information on the identification and risk assessment of chemicals in the workplace.  This course will take approximately 40-60 minutes to complete and is available at

The course is for managers, staff and health and safety representatives and is statutory training for mangers and staff involved in the use, handling, storage, and procurement etc., of hazardous chemicals.

On successful completion of this course you should be able to:

  • identify chemical agent hazards that exist in the healthcare environment
  • identify ways in which healthcare employees are exposed to chemical agents in the workplace
  • outline the steps involved in a chemical risk assessment
  • describe measures used to safeguard healthcare employees from the effects of hazardous chemicals.

Additional training may be required in respect of certain chemicals and work processes, which should be identified through the Training Needs Assessment process by each line manager and their staff.   Please see National Health and Safety Function Frequently Asked Questions 014:02 on OSH statutory training for further information.