Launch of a Framework for Recovery in Mental Health 2018-2020

The ‘framework for recovery’ sets out an agreed understanding of recovery in the context of a recovery oriented service and outlines four key principles that underpin such a service.  The core characteristics of each principle are described in the framework as well as the key actions and measures that will support the implementation of that principle.

The framework was co-produced between Service users, Family members and Service providers building on the numerous recovery innovations at both a national and CHO level since the publication of ‘A Vision for Change ‘ in 2006.

The framework will ensure a consistent, evidenced based and co-produced approach to the continued development of the recovery orientation of mental health services. Each CHO will develop an implementation plan for the framework which will be supported, monitored and reported to the National Mental Health Division through their current Advancing Recovery Ireland (ARI) office.  The framework will be reviewed in 2020 to ensure its continued relevance to Mental Health Services.

The document is available on the ARI HSE page  and includes a NALA supported plain English summary version.

If you have any queries please contact

Anne O Connor

National Director Mental Health Services