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The HSE has welcomed the publication of the Implementation Plan for the Scoping Inquiry by Dr Gabriel Scally.

The report from the Scoping Inquiry into Cervical Check by Dr Gabriel Scally was published in September 2018. In response, the HSE established an Implementation Oversight Group. Working with the Department of Health (DoH) and a number of relevant organisations, an implementation plan for the 50 recommendations and 6 interim recommendations has been developed. The plan has been published today on the Department of Health’s website:

Governance of Implementation Oversight Group
Of the 56 recommendations including the 6 interim recommendations, the HSE has responsibility for implementing 31 of these recommendations. A further 9 recommendations are jointly owned with the DoH.

The Department of Health has had lead responsibility for drafting the Scally Report Implementation plan as part of its remit in the work of the Cervical Check Steering Committee. The HSE and the National Cancer Registry of Ireland (NCRI) have actively worked in the development of the plan along with a number of patient representatives.

HSE Recommendations
The HSE is working with the responsible action owners and their teams to devise detailed action plans for every recommendation assigned to them. Each set of actions has a detailed action plan inclusive of timelines for commencing/completion. This plan is iterative and therefore the actions will change as the plan progresses with a likely increase in the number of actions.

Of the 86 actions which are within the remit of the HSE to implement, senior responsible owners have been assigned or jointly assigned for each recommendation.

A number of these actions are directly related to the National Screening Service, the CervicalCheck programme and the wider Health Service. Implementation of over 70% of the actions will have commenced before the end of 2018.

Patients’ Voice
The HSE is committed to keeping the voice of the patients and service users at the centre of this process and has been communicating with the patient representatives during its development. The HSE will further build on the engagement structures already established in the implementation of Dr Scally’s interim recommendations, such as the public patient involvement (PPI).

Progress to date
In total there are 86 actions assigned to the HSE, of which 73% have been commenced or will begin in Q4 2018. Of the 86 actions which are within the remit of the HSE, senior owners have been assigned or jointly assigned for each recommendation. The HSE has appointed an implementation lead for this project. The approach to delivering the recommendations includes working to key milestones and deadlines. Interim updates on status of actions within the HSE’s remit will be published on

Staff Briefings
Michele Tait, who is the HSE implementation lead for the plan, will be holding a number of staff briefings on the Dr Scally Implementation Plan in the coming weeks with relevant staff. This will provide staff with a clearer understanding of the plan and what we will be working on to improve our service over the duration of the plans implementation. It will also give staff the opportunity to ask questions in relation to the plan and discuss the actions in more detail.

Staff can provide any feedback in relation to the Implementation Plan via

Members of the HSE Implementation Oversight Group:

Anne O’Connor – Deputy Director General, Chief Operations Officer
Dr Colm Henry – Chief Clinical Officer

Damien McCallion – National Director, National Screening Service

John Swords – Head of Procurement

Michele Tait – HSE Implementation Lead

Stephen Horan – Implementation Plan PMO HSE

David Walsh – Interim National Director, Community Operations

Paul Connors – National Director of Communications

Dr Kevin Kelleher, National Director of Public Health

Liam Woods, National Director Acute Hospitals

Dr Peter McKenna, Clinical Lead Women& Infants Health Programme HSE & Interim Clinical Lead Cervical Check Programme