HSEland Complaints Module 1 – Effective Complaints Handling


The HSE’s National Complaints Governance and Learning Team (NCGLT) has developed, in conjunction with the Office the Ombudsman, an interactive on-line complaint handling e-learning tool, hosted through the HSEland portal.   This module, ‘Module 1: Effective Complaints Handling’, is for all staff to use and encompasses a number of interactive complaint handling scenarios that encourages engagement of the staff member through the exploration of different e-learning paths. Go to www.hseland.ie and search for the title ‘HSE Effective Complaints Handling’.


Module 1 covers a number of videoed scenarios encompassing stage 1 of the Your Service Your Say complaints policy. The participating online staff member will have to choose an appropriate pathway from a number of scenarios. This e-learning tool will allow mistakes to be made in a safe environment, whilst also allowing the participant an opportunity to recover and learn from choosing an incorrect pathway.


The aim of the module is to help HSE staff, as the first point of contact, to resolve complaints from service users promptly and effectively. On completion of the module staff will be able to:

  • Describe the process for complaint handling within the HSE
  • Deal with a complaint, as first point of contact, in line with Your Service Your Say, the Management of Service User Feedback for Comments, Compliments and Complaints, HSE Policy 2017.
  • Know how and when to escalate a complaint if required.


This module also aims to empower all staff to handle complaints at Point of Contact while reinforcing the importance of the ‘no wrong door approach’ and ‘first contact counts’. At the end of the module the staff member will undertake an assessment. Overall the module and assessment should take the staff member around 35 minutes to complete. HSEland itself is an online learning forum developed and run by the Health Service Executive. Access to hseland.ie is available over the internet, on a secure site.  It is available to all Healthcare Professionals in the Republic of Ireland, both within Health Service Executive (HSE), Voluntary Hospital Sector, and associated Non-Government-Organisations (NGO’s).