HSE Staff Steps to Health Challenge 2018

23rd April – 27th May 2018

The 2018 HSE staff Steps to Health Challenge kicks off on Monday 23rd April and runs for five weeks.  Last year was a great success and we hope that this year will be even better.  So start thinking about taking to the stairs, corridors, footpaths and parks this year with your work colleagues, family and friends.  The aim is to reach that magical number of 10,000 steps per day, which is the number agreed by medical experts worldwide to improve your health.  However, any amount of steps that is more than you did yesterday is a success.

Why would I take up the Steps to Health Challenge?


  • Walking and taking note of your daily steps with colleagues, friends and family is fun and is good for your physical and mental health.  If you arrange to walk with your colleagues it creates a great sense of togetherness in the workplace.  For those with a competitive streak, you can compete against other teams in your work place or against each other – if you all agree!!!
  • Your health will reap the benefits when you reach between 7,000 and 10,000 steps per day which roughly equates to walking briskly for 30 minutes, five days a week.  These benefits include reducing your risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke and some cancers, particularly colon and breast cancer
  • Increasing your fitness level can make you happier, more energetic and brings balance and joy to your life.


What is the Steps to Health Challenge?

The Steps to Health Challenge aims to get you walking and counting your steps daily to reach 10,000 steps per day over a five week period.  You can accumulate those steps during the day by taking the stairs instead of the lift, parking your car as far as possible away from your workplace, walking during your breaks and out of work hours with your family and friends.

You can, of course, walk by yourself but we encourage you to get together into teams of between 2 and 30 members.  Each team nominates a co-ordinator who links in with our national Steps to Health Challenge project team.

We have a number of step counters available to staff during the Challenge to allow you to count the steps as you move. You can also use your own wearables, such as Fitbits and mobile phone apps, to count your steps, should you wish.

There will be weekly competitions with prizes galore for best photos, team names, inspiring Team Co-Ordinators, etc.

At the end of the Challenge, we would love for as many participants as possible to take part in their local parkrun on Saturday 26th May.  We will provide more details during the Challenge!

Further information on the Challenge, and details on registration are available on the Steps to Health microsite at hse.ie/stepschallenge

Make sure to follow Steps to Health on Twitter @hsesteps and join the Challenge Yammer page.

So get prepared to get out and get counting.

Wishing you every success.

Sarah O’Brien

National Lead

Healthy Eating and Active Living Programme