As you may be aware, the implementation of the recommendations of the National Trauma Review is a key priority in both the Sláintecare Action Plan 2019 and the National Service Plan 2019.

The report of the Trauma Review recommends that the new trauma system will consist of two trauma networks for Ireland, the Central Trauma Network and the South Trauma Network. Each trauma network will have a Major Trauma Centre and a number of Trauma Units. Each of the two Major Trauma Centres will provide the highest level of specialist trauma care to the most severely injured patients on a single hospital site. As part of the trauma networks, Trauma Units will deliver more general trauma care to the majority of patients who do not need the specialist expertise of a Major Trauma Centre.

A public consultation was held by the HSE earlier this year on the framework for the designation of the Major Trauma Centre for the Central Trauma Network and the Dublin Trauma Unit(s). Feedback was sought from staff in the health service, members of the public and other key stakeholder groups, and the responses were broadly positive with the majority of respondents either fully or mostly supporting the framework.


We have recently published a Post-Consultation Document which sets out an account of the consultation process and the final designation framework.


An Independent Assessment Panel, comprising national and international experts, will use the framework to review submissions by Hospital Groups in the Dublin region. The Panel will then provide advice to the HSE on which hospital should be designated as the Major Trauma Centre and on the location and number of Dublin Trauma Unit(s).


The Post-Consultation Document, and further information on the progress towards the introduction of a trauma system for Ireland, is available here.



Kind regards,


Dean Sullivan

Chair of the Trauma Review Implementation Group

Chief Strategy and Planning Officer