HSE publishes the second edition of the HSE National Complaints Casebook to improve services and service user experience

For more information about the casebook click hereThis casebook gives details of complaints received by Community Healthcare Organisations and Hospital Groups. It explains the actions taken and the outcome of each complaint.

In welcoming the second edition, Mr Paul Reid, HSE CEO, commented,

“This is a very clear and concise report, setting out a set of learning’s across a range of areas. We need to build a learning culture around these as it provides everyone an opportunity to have direct feedback on matters of concern to the public and patients.  If we are serious about putting patients first we must value this feedback and act accordingly.”

The casebook gives insights into why people complain. It assists managers when making decisions to improve services and service user experience.

This edition covers April to June 2019.  A new complaints casebook will be published each quarter.

This edition sees an increased submission of cases and we welcome the continued development of this book. We hope that all CHOs, Hospital Groups and National Services will be represented in future casebooks over time.


Kind Regards,

The National Complaints Governance and Learning Team, National QAV.