The fifth annual HSE Open Access Research Awards are now open for entry


The awards celebrate practitioners and researchers working across health and social care disciplines in Ireland who are publishing and making their research available in open access format. The awards are presented in eight categories;


  • Mental Health
  • Acute Hospitals
  • Primary Care
  • Social Care
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Quality Improvement
  • National Cancer Control Programme
  • Clinical Strategy & Programmes


Entries will be reviewed by a panel of judges with research experience and an overall winner will also be selected as representing the best of all submissions received. Winners receive a custom piece of glassware celebrating their achievement.

Criteria for Entry

Entries can draw on expertise from the medical, nursing or social care disciplines and include administration or management but must fulfil the following criteria;


  • The research article should have been published in the previous 24 months
  • It should be available in full text in Open Access (and added to the Lenus repository, pre or post entry)


Entries close on November 2nd and winners will be announced at the Open Access Awards ceremony on December 7th. Enquiries about the awards can be directed to

Enter Now

Full details and link to entry form are available at


Follow updates on the awards on the @hselibrary and @lenushse Twitter accounts or follow the hashtag #HSEOAAwards18


About Open Access Research

The Open Access publication model is endorsed by the HSE’s Open Access Publishing Statement (2013)[1] and is facilitated by Lenus the Irish Health Research repository[2], which is managed by the librarians at Dr Steevens Library. Open Access publication operates on the principle that research, especially where it is publically funded should be openly accessible to all. Open Access research has been shown to increase dissemination and citation rates (a 2016 Study by Archambault [3] linked Open Access publication to an increase of up to 50% in citation rates over subscription accessed journals). Open Access also facilitates public access to high quality current research empowering practitioners, patients and families to be more informed.


[1] HSE’s Open Access Publishing statement available at

[1] Lenus available at

[1] Archambault, E; Côté, G; Struck, B and Voorons, M (2016) Research impact of paywalled versus open access papers [Online] Available at