Dear all,

The National Breastfeeding Implementation Group was established to oversee the implementation of Breastfeeding in a Healthy Ireland – HSE Action Plan 2016-202.   The overarching aim of the Breastfeeding Action Plan is to increase breastfeeding initiation and duration rates, by supporting and enabling more mothers to breastfeed.

An implementation plan was agreed in late 2016 and implementation group held its first meeting in November 2016.

The attached report outlines the progress in the first year of implementation (2017). Please can you see that this email is cascaded down the line to the relevant personnel within your own areas.

The National Breastfeeding Implementation Group is working to achieve the aims and objectives of the Breastfeeding Action Plan through the implementation of initiatives in the following areas:

  1. Improved governance and health service structures
  2. Breastfeeding training and skills development
  3. Health service policies and practices
  4. Support at all stages of the breastfeeding continuum through social marketing, support and advocacy.
  5. Research, monitoring and evaluation

While we are making headway on many of our aims and objectives the results from the 2016 and 2017 key performance indicators show that a concerted effort is required across all areas if we are to achieve the targets set out in our action plan.

We will continue to work with our internal stakeholder in the Women and Infants Health Programme, the Healthy Ireland Implementation team, Community Health Organisations and staff in maternity hospitals/units to achieve the overall aims of the action plan.

I would like to take this opportunity to especially thank Dr. Melissa Canny, Specialist in Public Health Medicine who has chaired the HSE National Breastfeeding Implementation up until March this year.




Carmel Brennan

(Chairperson of the HSE National Breastfeeding Implementation Group)

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