This school year, all students in first year of secondary school, including boys for the first time, will be offered the HPV vaccine




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HPV vaccine offers protection against 9 out of 10 HPV-related cancers. This includes most cases of cervical, vulval, vaginal cancers in women as well as anal cancers and genital warts in both men and women. This year the vaccine, along with the MenACWY and Tdap vaccines, will be offered to all first year students, boys as well as girls as part of the HSE school vaccination programme.


The HSE launched an information campaign today, 27 August 2019, to share the facts with parents. Parents will be given consent forms for first year students this month.


Help us to save lives by:


  • recommend the vaccine to those who seek advice and
  • recommend to friends, neighbours and colleagues who are seeking information about the HPV vaccine.


Please take the time to visit and follow updates on HSE social channels including Facebook and Twitter.  Our hashtag is #ProtectOurFuture.



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