The New Home Births professional policies, procedures and guidelines: As part of the HSE’s communication process two Clinical Professional Seminars were delivered in December 2016 at two locations, Athlone and Cork .

The seminars included presentations to support the professional knowledge base of all clinical professionals in attendance; an outline of the changes in governance structures with the transfer of the home birth service to the Women’s and Children’s Programme in the Acute Services Directorate; the provision of additional supports such as access to two planned continuing professional development seminars in 2017, provision of pulse oximeters to SECMs for monitoring the oxygen saturation of new born babies (with provision of an induction for the SECMs present in the use of the pulse oximeter at each of the clinical professional seminars), and rollout of the electronic maternity record with the provision of relevant computer hardware and software for SECMs in the HSE South region in 2017, with continued roll out to all SECMs in 2018.

All outputs provided at the December 2016 professional clinical seminars are required to be implemented by the SECMs with the support of the Designated Midwifery Officers (DMO) and the Directors of Midwifery (DOM). Provision has been made for comments to be received from key stakeholders on the outputs via a dedicated email address: . This email box will be monitored on a regular basis by the Project Manager. Issues raised via the electronic system will be escalated for action as appropriate by the Project Manager and will be included on an Issues Log to be maintained by the Project Manager. The Issues Log will be brought to the attention of the CGG and the NISG at their scheduled meetings.

Phase two outputs when delivered in April 2017 will also be monitored to ensure a standardised approach is adopted by all SECMs and to provide assurance that all key issues are being addressed by both SECMs and the HSE in a timely manner. To ensure successful implementation the CGG will continue to monitor the progress and to ensure all outputs remain professional, relevant, efficient and effective into the future. This will be supported with appropriate communication channels of communication such as email, face to face meetings, and the continued provision of two clinical professional seminars per annum. We will also be seeking feedback from key stakeholders via the monitoring tool, the audit tool, feedback survey, Your Service, Your Say, and through review of incidents and complaints

Please find a copy of the Report for your information and context. – The report is provided in fulfillment of the governance requirements of the Clinical Governance Group (CGG) for Home Births following the delivery of two professional clinical seminars delivered to Self EmployedCommunity Midwives (SECMs) by the Health Service Executive.


thumbnail of CGG report from Clinical Professional Seminars