Global Network of Public Health Nurses Network (GNPHN)

A network of public health nurses, community nurses, health visitors and colleagues working in Public Health

‘In thought and practice we live Internationally’      Lillian Wald


  •   To raise the profile of public health practice making this group of professionals more visible and thereby able to influence health policy locally, nationally and globally
  •   To develop public health practice by sharing the experiences of public health nurses, health visitors and other practitioners, educators, leaders and researchers in this area from around the world
  •   To use the knowledge of those countries with well developed public health practice to support those without such a service, so that they might develop their own public health care service
  •   To develop a shared definition of public health practice that will be able to reflect the culture, professional traditions, social-economic climate and the policy of individual countries throughout the world.


  • All members of the network are equal and diversity provides opportunities for growth
  • Public health practice is central to high standards of public health for all and to the reduction of inequality in health
  • High standards of education, research, leadership and practice for public health practitioners are essential for equity and equality in public health practice
  • Assure the ethical practice of public health practice


  • ‘Together we are stronger’
  • Public health practice improves lives
  • All children, families and communities should have access to Public Health Systems
  • The network will seek to work collaboratively with other groups and organisations particularly other global and international organisations