New secure printing function on Tusla Portal


A new secure printing function on the Tusla Portal now allows you to print submitted Child Protection Welfare Report Forms (CPWRF).

The Tusla online web Portal (, for safe and secure submission of child protection and welfare concerns to be reported to Tusla, is available for registration of all users (Reporters).

The Portal should be used to report all types of child protection and welfare concerns i.e. (a) mandated reports of child harm and (b) reasonable grounds of concern.

Please be advised that this is the only method a report of a Child Protection and Welfare Concern should be submitted to Tusla.

Submission of reports through email/encrypted email is not considered a secure method of reporting. Reporters who cannot access the online portal, for whatever reason, should seek the support of their line managers in doing so.

Retrospective Abuse Report Forms (RARFs) cannot currently be submitted through the online portal. RARFs should be submitted only via registered post to your local Tusla Social Work Office

All personnel are advised to watch the video guide ( for the online portal  – also available on the Tusla website


How to use the Tusla Portal:

Each individual must first Register as a user on the Portal –the current list of professionals on the portal are, in the main, those listed as mandated reporters for the purposes of the Children First Act 2015. However, all types of  professionals can register using the ‘Other type of reporter’ category.


The online CPWRF report consists of 10 separate screens (through which you will be navigated) where information is inputted. Before commencing an online report it is advised that you gather the relevant information in advance. Once an online report commences the user will have 24hrs to submit to Tusla before data inputted is wiped, in line with data protection best practices.  If it is a joint report, the online report has a screen for the reporter to complete the details of another professional.


Once a report is submitted to Tusla the reporter will receive an email within one (1) day confirming the report has been submitted successfully. If you do not receive this email you should consider your report as not received and contact your local Tusla office directly to clarify. For data protection reasons, no personal information (including the name or initials of the child) will be kept on the portal. The portal will only retain a high level record of your submission (Reference Number).


Tusla is continually improving and enhancing the functionality of the Portal based on feedback from a wide range of stakeholders, including Reporters and recently facilitated a further workshop with a representative group of reporters which will contribute to further enhancements in the coming months.



All personnel are reminded to make themselves familiar with the Children First Act 2015 and relevant guidance materials available at and


If, you have an immediate CONCERN in relation to a child OUT OF HOURS, please contact AN GARDA SÍOCHÁNA .


MANDATED PERSONS can also contact Tusla on 0818776315 to make a mandated report  OUT OF HOURS



Thank You,

HSE Children First National Office