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Some items that may be of interest:

In news

 An article about the limitations of programmes aiming to tackle obesity

  • Coverage of a study from the LSE shows how digital media can enhance family life
  • Half of prisoners in Ireland leave school before the Junior Certificate.

In resources


  • A series of blogs from Nesta on how to build up an experimental culture for problem solving in government
  • ‘How are you Ireland?’ is an app launched during the week, part of a new research study which aims to assess mood and stress levels in Ireland
  • The Health Foundation in the UK held a webinar earlier this week, called ‘X Factor for Evidence’. Resources from the event are being posted on their site, including presentations, a blog, and a link to the recording is to follow shortly.
  • NI: In Profile is a new resource pack from NISRA which includes statistics covering a range of areas of life in Northern Ireland.

In policy and research


  • A parliamentary question about the implementation of the National Maternity Strategy
  • A research article on the transferability of Implementation Science Frameworks to different areas of work.


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