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In news 

  • Coverage of a new report from the Nuffield Trust on child health and development trends in the UK
  • An article about Children First, and its implications for schools.

In tools and resources 

  • A Community of Enquiry guide from IRISS (Scotland) includes tools for group work
  • A blog from the Economic and Social Research Council explains epigenetics, how genes and the environment shape children’s mental health
  • The National Patient Safety Office has published new guidance, tools and templates to support public and patient involvement in healthcare decision making.

In publications and research 

  • A report on the Scottish Evidence Summit 2018, which outlines some of the key themes emerging in a discussion about the use of evidence in organisations, sectors and disciplines in Scotland
  • Research from the Lancet on socio economic inequalities and how they affect body weight and height in childhood and adolescence
  • An article on infant sleeping arrangements.