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A few items that may be of interest to you and your work:

In news 

  • A delegation of mental health charities from Northern Ireland travelled to the UK to meet MPs about mental health priorities.
  • A new approach to teen substance abuse in Iceland may be piloted in the west of Ireland.

In blogs and resources

A blog from the LSE considers the impact of socio economic factors such as class and financial difficulties on children as they grow older. It is based on data from a longitudinal study.

  • The Early Intervention Foundation has identified six pitfalls when evaluating early intervention programmes, and how to avoid them.
  • A new report from the New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) highlights some learning for social projects which aim to grow or scale up.

In policy and research

 A briefing from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation on poverty in Northern Ireland.

  • A thematic report from the Central Statistics Office on educational attainment, particularly in relation to the labour market.
  • A transcript from a discussion in the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Education and Skills, on the topic of teacher recruitment. The Teaching Council and other stakeholders in education contributed to the discussion.

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