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Some items that may be of interest to your work include the following:

In news

  • An article from the Guardian on the implications of the new General Data Protection Regulation for children’s services teams
  • Fred McBride, CEO of Tusla, the Child and Family Agency is interviewed in the Irish Examiner.

In tools, resources and publications

  • How to create an Impact Data Lab by New Philanthropy Capital (UK). Data Labs help service providers to measure their impact by using government administrative data sets.
  • Building Resilience in Children aged 0-12 is a practice guide from Australia. The guide highlights useful tips for practitioners working with children and young people in a range of settings.

In policy and research

  • The Health Service Capacity Review was published earlier in the week. The scope of the review has been expanded to include primary care and services for older people, and it will inform the implementation of Sláinte Care.
  • A statement from Minister Zappone includes an update on the Affordable Childcare Scheme.
  • How do you scale up a programme from a Randomised Controlled Trial into the real world?

In events

  • Professor Paul Cairney will feature in a seminar in Dublin on ‘The politics of evidence based policy making’
  • Sir Michael Marmot will give the annual lecture at the Trinity Research in Childhood Centre, on the theme of ‘Austerity, Health and Children.’

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