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Some items that may be of interest to you this week include:


In news


  • A new sugar sweetened drinks tax came into effect in Ireland earlier this week, as part of a strategy to reduce child obesity.
  • There was a lot of coverage about the Cervical Screening Programme this week. We’ve included Sara Burkes opinion piece from todays Irish Times.
  • Coverage of a cultural audit report on the Gardaí completed by PWC.

In resources


  • The Centre for Homelessness Impact (UK) have developed evidence maps on what works in homelessness.
  • A new report by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation proposes new ways to frame how we talk about poverty.

Publications, policy  and research


  • The Cost of Late Intervention in Northern Ireland, published by the Early Intervention Foundation (UK)
  • The Domestic Violence Bill was passed by the Seanad this week, and you can read the key points from the Department of Justice
  • Research on public health nurses experiences of caring for late preterm infants
  • An article on how you incorporate storytelling and narrative techniques from the journal Politics and Public Policy.



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