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In news


  • How schools can help children to manage exam stress
  • Coverage of a study about women’s access to mental health care around childbirth
  • How obese couples could be risking the health of their future children.

In tools and resources


  • A new website For a Change is packed with tools, templates and resources to develop a digital strategy for social change
  • Nesta’s list of tools and insights for governments.

In publications


  • A new report ‘Better Together’ about learning from philanthropy and government co-investments in Ireland
  • Data from Benefact’s Non Profit Sector Analysis 2018.

In research

(Open access and sourced through Ebsco Discovery package)


  • Findings from an evaluation of a Canadian initiative to improve health care quality and promote patient-centredness for system wide change
  • An evaluation of the processes and outcomes of the Partners in Recovery initiative in the Australian Capital Territory which aims to improve coordination of health and social care.
  • An article from the Implementation Science Journal about the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research (CFIR).



Niamh Farren

Project Specialist