Updated NCCP ‘Prostate Cancer GP Referral Guideline’ recommends a PSA test should only considered following shared decision making between the patient and their GP


The updated ‘NCCP Prostate Cancer GP Referral Guideline’ integrates best research evidence with clinical expertise and patient values, as a means to improving the quality of clinical care and reduce variation in practice.

While promoting informed and shared decision-making between GP and patients, the guideline also provides GPs with information on how to refer patients with suspected prostate cancer to one of the eight Rapid Access Prostate Cancer Clinics.

The NCCP ‘Prostate Cancer GP Referral Guideline’ now recommends that all men should have their Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test repeated in the same laboratory each time to ensure consistency and accuracy of test.

Prostate cancer is the leading cause of cancer in men (excluding skin cancer). Over 3,300 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer in Ireland each year. The cumulative life time risk (to age 75) of prostate cancer diagnosis is 13.34% and accounts for 11.0% of all invasive cancers in Ireland (NCRI, 2016).

The latest guideline is now available online in booklet format or can be ordered from info@cancercontrol.ie

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