New DSE Assessors Programme Launched – Available now on HSELanD


Sent on behalf of the National Health and Safety Function (NHSF), WHWU,

HR Division.


Dear Colleagues,

The National Health and Safety Function are pleased to announce the launch of two new Display Screen Equipment (DSE) e -Learning modules on HSELanD:


1) DSE User Awareness Module (approx. 40 minutes to complete)

2) DSE Assessors Module (approx. 60 minutes to complete)


Both modules will assist HSE staff in managing risks presented by Display Screen Equipment.    The first, DSE User Awareness, is mandatory for all staff who have been identified as “DSE Users”, that is anyone who;

  • normally use DSE for continuous periods of more than one hour per day
  • has no choice but to use DSE to carry their work
  • generally use DSE on a daily basis


The aim of this module is to inform you how to use your DSE safely.


The second, Display Screen Equipment Assessor module, has been developed to allow Managers/DSE assessors to develop the necessary competencies to confidently undertake a basic DSE risk assessment.  The Assessor module is mandatory for Managers of “DSE Users” and DSE Assessors.


On completion of each module an assessment must be undertaken and a certificate will be awarded.  To access the e-Learning modules, go to, my Learning and search for the modules Display Screen Equipment- User Awareness and/or Display Screen Equipment Assessor.



You can also visit our web pages where you will find the latest safety and health information and advice – Go to: or



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