Invite to join the National Staff Engagement Forum

The National Staff Engagement Forum was established in 2016 and is made up of 50 staff from across the HSE and the Voluntary sector. The purpose and ethos of the Forum is to:

  • Create a space for conversations about what matters to staff in terms of engagement and gather suggestions on how to improve it by building on existing approaches and continually looking for new ways to engage staff.
  • Give a sense of ownership and personal responsibility for engagement, building positive and effective communication between all people regardless of their position.
  • Share good examples of staff engagement.
  • Provide feedback and advice to the health sector on improving staff engagement in the design and implementation of organisation wide initiatives and policies.
  • Promote staff engagement throughout the health sector to create a positive working environment for staff and service users.


The Forum is co-chaired by Dr Philip Crowley, National Director Quality Improvement Division and Rosarii Mannion, National Director Human Resources. It is co-facilitated by Libby Kinneen, National Lead Staff Engagement and Juanita Guidera, Quality Improvement Division Lead Staff Engagement.


Invite to join the National Staff Engagement Forum

The Forum is now in existence for a year and we are putting a call out for new members to continually reflect the staff voice. If you are interested in taking part please email

by 4th August 2018.


What is staff engagement?

Thanks to the efforts of the National Staff Engagement Forum we now have a health sector definition that captures what it means to be engaged. Not only is it written by staff working in the system and underpinned by theory of engagement but it focuses on the fact that what we do and say matters and that we are valued by the organisation.

“ Staff are engaged when they feel valued, are emotionally connected, fully involved, enthusiastic and committed to providing a good service….  when each person knows what they do and say matters and makes a difference.


Why does engagement matter?

It has been shown that where staff engagement is higher or services are seen to be supporting staff wellbeing the results are:

  • Lower patient mortality
  • Reduction in the number of incidents
  • Improved clinical care
  • Improved patient experience
  • Improved staff wellbeing
  • Lower absenteeism rates and
  • Improved staff retention.


What type of work does the Forum do and what have we accomplished to date?

The Forum members are currently developing a toolkit of advice on how to engage staff and how to develop a local staff engagement forum.  The Forum regularly provides advice for national projects on engagement, for example, they gave guidance on the working of the Inspire Hub which is an integrated communications platform for staff views and opinions and electronic communications platforms for engaging staff.


The Forum shared their work at the Health Service Leadership Masterclass in April 2017.  They displayed posters of staff engagement projects.  Leaders throughout the organisation had an opportunity to talk to members, share ideas and seek guidance on the staff engagement process.  A video was shown at the Leadership Masterclass which launched the definition of staff engagement developed by members and highlighted Staff Engagement as a process for change.   Members also shared what staff engagement means to them and their ideas on how to involve staff.  A link to the video is below.


More information and tips on engagement:





We hope you find this information helpful and look forward to welcoming new members in August 2017.



Rosarii Mannion

National Director of Human Resources


Dr  Philip Crowley

National Director, Quality Improvement Division