HSE QUIT Service available to all


QUIT service provides free, personalised support to help people quit smoking and patients can be referred directly to service


The HSE’s QUIT service provides free, personalised support for people trying to quit smoking.  People who smoke can visit www.QUIT.ie and sign up for an online QUIT plan, call the QUITline for support on 1800 201 203, or Freetext QUIT to 50100. The service provides daily emails or SMS support to help quitters keep track.

You can refer patients to the QUIT service directly by calling the QUITline or you can ask them to contact the service themselves.


If someone would rather use a face to face service, the QUITline can provide details of the services available. You can also find details of services here.

Evidence shows that people who smoke are twice as likely to succeed when they use the QUIT service and four times as likely to QUIT when they use the QUIT in combination with NRT and stop smoking medication. The QUIT team can advise on NRT and medication.


When you call the quit team you won’t be judged but you will receive the help you need to quit. It will be your decision. The QUIT team helps you make that decision.


Remember, whether you are working with people who smoke or are a smoker yourself, the QUIT service can help.


Freephone 1800 201 203
Freetext QUIT to 50100
Get started on www.QUIT.ie