My name is Eilidh MacNab and I am the Chair of Fingal Children and Young Persons Services Committee, also known as FCYPSC. The purpose of this committee is to secure better outcomes for children and young people through more effective integration of existing services and interventions at local level. In line with National Policy: Better Outcomes Brighter Futures, five specific outcomes for children and young people have been identified as follows:


To deliver better outcomes for children and young people, a key target area for many agencies is supporting parents and parenting through active interventions/programmes. Currently we are looking to audit all such parenting programmes in the County to identify:


  1. Directory of programmes available
  2. Gaps in Service provision
  3. Suggestions to enhance/develop future parenting initiatives.



As such I am requesting that you take 5 minutes and complete the following survey monkey questionnaire, by clicking on


It is anticipated that a directory of parent support provision will be made available (from feedback) through the FCYPSC website over the next number of months.


Thank you for your time

Kind regards




Eilidh MacNab

Area Manager

Tusla Child and Family Agency

Dublin North