About us

Our Mission

‘The Institute of Community Health Nursing will provide a professional forum for the Public Health Nursing Service, to identify and respond to the evolving health care needs in the community, working with our members, partners and decision makers’.

Our Vision

The Institute of Community Health Nursing aspires to professional excellence in community nursing research, leadership and practice in order to promote health and wellbeing and to deliver the optimum care for individuals, families & communities.


The Logo

The logo or crest of the Institute is symbolic of the Institute and the work of the Community Nursing team. The two semi-circles are like two stylised hands protecting and caring for the central unit which can be the family with its members or a community containing several families or groups.

What is the Institute of Community Health Nursing?

The Institute is a professional and educational body representing Community Nursing  throughout the State. It is not a trade union, but an organisation of Community Nurses , established in 1985, to promote Community-nursing services through continuing education, development and research.  Groups, formed nationally, (sometimes referred to as Special Interest Groups) cater for members who wish to be more active in the study and development of some special areas of community nursing service e.g. care of the elderly, child health,disability,professional development.


What does the Institute do?

  • Through its Commitees and Interest Groups, it provides a forum for the Community Nurses to share their ideas and experiences in a common goal of health care development
  • Acts as a centre of unity and a practical resource/advice centre for its members
  • Acts as a consultative body available to inform the Department of Health  /HSE/ Department of Children & Youth Affairs  when requested
  • Offers opportunities for specialists in other disciplines or from educational and research institutes to exchange ideas with those actively involved in delivering the nursing services
  • Investigates and studies critical issues facing community and national health care services through conferences, seminars, workshops the activities of the Interest Groups
  • Publicises information about future trends and development in the health care services and co-operates with government working groups on particular issues or policy
  • Hosts an Annual Conference


pdf icon ICHN_Strategic_Plan_2014-2017