The ICHN is closing down on the 31st March 2020. The last day of business is on Friday 28th of February 2020.


Address: 1st Floor, Paradigm House, Dundrum Office Park, Dundrum, Dublin 14

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Report on a Social Return on Investment: PHN-facilitated breastfeeding groups in Ireland

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About Us & What We Do

The Institute of Community Health Nursing (ICHN) is a professional and educational body representing Community Nursing throughout the State. Founded in 1985, it now represents community nurses associated with the Public Health Nursing service from the areas of clinical practice, education, practice development and management. The ICHN is developing as a modern and dynamic organization, which continues to empower community health nursing by providing a voice through leadership and advocacy.

Our members are dedicated individuals who support each other through the ICHN in developing the community nursing profession. The ICHN directs its focus on the following four key areas;

  1. Be an authorative and reliable advocate for members, individuals, families and communities
  2.  Build awareness and educate other partners in the value of community nursing
  3. Work collaboratively with other agencies to strengthen partnerships, to deliver effective community nursing services.
  4. Keep up to date with continuing changes in the healthcare system.
  5. Influence future policy and directives by making submissions from the ICHN to government bodies.

  1. Provide a valuable resource where members can access up to date information.
  2. Enable and facilitate individual members to access continuing education.
  3. Promote excellence in professional practice through the work of the Professional Forums and Special Interest Groups.
  4. Demonstrate leadership in identifying and addressing unmet professional and practice needs.
  5. Acknowledge continuous professional development through recognition/awards.
  6. Host annual conference which highlights professional developments in the sector.

  1. To generate a comprehensive and coherent understanding of community nursing services including structures, processes, interventions and outcomes
  2. To develop research capacity in the area of generating and utilising evidence in community nursing
  3. To develop, support and promote good infrastructure in the area of community nursing research and data
  4. To improve evaluation and monitoring of community nursing in Ireland at local and national level
  5. To support a continuum of research and data use within policy and practice settings
  6. Maintain and generate international links with other community nursing organisations

  1.  Participate in networking opportunities to represent members on developments and views, pertaining to community nursing.
  2. Promote the role of the ICHN to non-members.
  3. Engage with partners to develop strong professional links with common purpose organizations.
  4. Create networking opportunities at national and international level.
  5. Provide a communication & networking platform for our members.
  6. Facilitate networking through ICHN events and social media

  1. Provide members a tangible resource with easy access to up to date information
  2. Facilitate the ongoing sharing of professional information with members, partners and decision makers.
Leadership – be proactive in identifying and addressing unmet needs in community nursing services.
Quality – be evidence based and solutions focused.
Integrity – be transparent in our communication, decision making and collaboration.
Professionalism – in our relationships with member’s, partners and other agencies

Our Council

The ICHN Council is made up of 12 public health-community nurses working in the community field from all areas of Ireland. For equitable representation of all grades of Public Health Nursing, the Council must include three Directors of Public Health Nursing, three assistant directors of Public Health Nursing, three registered Public Health Nurses and three other corporate members. The Council rotates its membership in line with the articles of association. This ensures an evolving organisation aspiring to professional excellence in community nursing research, leadership and practice in order to promote health and well being and to deliver the optimum care for individuals, families and communities.

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